The Latest Advances In Tattoo Ink Pigments

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Gone are the days of mixing tattoo ink pigments in the back of your tattoo shop and being limited to less than a hand full of pigment colors. With advances in safety precautions like sterilization, artists are now able to purchase from reliable and trustworthy manufacturers of tattoo ink pigments. And to the benefit of the tattoo artists’ creativity, advances in technology have also driven a large number of Tattoo Ink Pigment colors to choose from.

When tattoo ink pigments are manufactured in the ideal environment, a clean room, it greatly reduces the levels of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. This is the industry standard for tattoo pigment manufacturers like, INTENZE Products who utilizes a clean room and sterilization in the manufacturing process.

INTENZE Products has also innovated the tattoo pigment industry by having the most pigment colors of any tattoo ink manufacturer as of 2010. With over 160 colors to choose from they give artists the broadest range of choices so they can accomplish any vision for a tattoo. They also provide innovative products like INTENZE Color Mixing Solution so artists can take their creativity even further and customize colors to their needs in their tattoo shop.

From a tattoo artists perspective one of the most powerful breakthroughs is their ability to mix their own shades and tones of colors. They can do this with products such as INTENZE Color Mixing Solution (mentioned above), INTENZE Black and Grey Shading Solution, and INTENZE Snow White Mixing Tattoo Ink Pigment. With the use of these specialty-mixing products, tattoo artists are empowered to create any color shade they can imagine. Or there is also a huge palette of 160 color tattoo pigments to choose from.

When combining the technological advances in production of tattoo ink pigments with the creativity and flexibility that this provides to artists, a true innovation has occurred. These advances in tattoo ink pigment have clearly translated into the advancement of tattoo artists work over the last decade. From life like color portrait tattoos to Japanese color tattoos to realistic nature scenes, the quality of tattoo body art has improved along with the quality of Tattoo Pigment available from manufacturers.

You can find the full range of INTENZE Tattoo Pigments at, who is a trusted online retailer of sterile and high quality tattoo pigments. Make sure to purchase a color set along with the mixing solutions to practice your ability to create custom shades for whatever tattoo pigment you need for your tattoo work.

You can get a wide range of tattoo inks at ''. They also provide best Tattoo Pigment from other tattoo artists and tattoo ink sets at discount prices when you buy tattoo ink in bulk. You can choose your Tattoo Ink Pigment from their reliable tattoo ink section and easily find all the colors you need when you shop by tattoo ink color. Vist here

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